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(PLEASE) don’t be that guy March 19, 2014

You know what grinds my gears?

That one guy who poses as prince charming all the time. You know.. the one who is TOO charming, it’s annoying. Like, you know he’s just trying super hard, and wants to act like your savior so that then, I guess, you owe him something. Like a date… One that you clearly do not want to go on. You’ve made it crystal clear that you’re not interested in him and yet he STILL does all these annoying things to make you think that you need him. Or that you need saving. Being over-protective, like he’s your boyfriend, but covers it up as “I’m only watching out for you,” AGAIN like you need saving. The one who brown-noses all the older married women in the office (or wherever) to prove that he’s this amazing guy us younger ladies should be dating making them feel sorry for him because us younger gals won’t date him, and then guilt-tripping us for not flocking to him because he’s what we need.

Here’s what I have to say you to you: STOP. Just f*ing stop. I don’t owe you anything, I don’t want to date you, stop doing things for me like you’re my boyfriend and then expecting something back. I can do things for myself. Stop trying to get people’s pitty and making ME like the bad guy. What you’re doing is borderline controlling and very condescending.

and one more thing, I don’t need no damn saving. I am independent and confident that I am not missing out on anything you think you have to offer to me.