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A Treatment For Keloids May 26, 2014

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When my keloid was small, I would klasfgcover it with makeup. As it grew, I started to cover it with a band-aid, dodging people’s questions by making lame jokes about the rapper Nelly. Eventually I grew tired of the questions and the stares, and I started to wear only high-necked shirts that kept it covered.

Keloids are tricky from a dermatologist’s standpoint. A keloid is essentially a wound that doesn’t know it has healed. It’s a scar, but it continues to grow because the mechanisms that control tissue repair go into overdrive.  Attempts to surgically remove a keloid usually cause it to grow back even larger – again, it doesn’t know when to stop healing.  Keloids are not just a cosmetic annoyance; they itch constantly and send sharp, stinging pains through the skin. They’re more common in people of Asian or Black heritage, usually appearing on the chest, shoulders, or…

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