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Why hasn’t my iphone $ shattered to pieces yet? September 16, 2013

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This is so weird, but after having my iphone 4 for almost 2 years, it is STILL in perfect condition. That’s right, not a single scratch on the screen or on the back glass part of it. Perhaps a couple of scuffs on the corners because, let’s be real, I HAVE dropped it a few times. Here’s the thing though, the many times I have dropped it, it’s been nice and hard. So hard, that when it hits the ground even the people around me are audibly heard saying things like “Ouch” or “ooooooo, there that goes” and the “OH NO!” after a while I stopped saying these things in unison with the crowd because in my head, in just a milli-second, I’ve already adjusted to the fact that when I pick it up it will probably be shattered, and well.. that’s ok, nothing I can do about it at that point. Ok, so here’s the even WEIRDER part, I carry my iphone with out a case.. yep.. I’m the dare devil with the naked iphone, and yet, even after all those falls and clumsy accidents.. not a single scratch on my phone! are you kidding me? it almost makes me laugh, and it almost makes me wish that something did happen to it so that when that time came I can say “finally!”

I know exactly what you’re thinking. I know you think I’m psycho for even wanting something to happen to my beautiful white iphone. That’s false though, it’s not that I WANT something to happen to my phone…. I just find it incredibly freakin weird that absolutely nothing has damaged to it (knocks on wood). Like, seriously, what is this thing, indestructible? do I happen to own the superman version of the iphone? did I get lucky with this ONE version of the phone? lol. Ok, now I’m being silly. For reals though, break already! Do you know how many times it’s fallen out of my purse, slipped out of my pocket, and gone through my shirt when I decide to carry it in my bra (yes, some of us women like to do that). 


I know, I know, this whole topic is foolish. But I felt inclined to write about it because I dropped my phone on concrete today, and as it fell on to the hard concrete, I winced, and said to myself, “oh, I’m sure this time it finally shattered.” I pick it up, AND STILL NOTHING. hahahahaha. It really makes me laugh though because I think secretly I do want it to shatter as I wishfully hope for an excuse to upgrade to the new, and sexy, black Iphone 5s. 

I feel like I’m in a committed/stuck relationship with my clingy, white, iphone 4. Get over yourself, 4, I want to move on from you. I know you’re perfect.. but I want the new and improved. 

I crack myself up….but not my phone. HA, see what I did there? 

I guess I’m just really really really lucky. Something many people wish they had with THEIR precious, but now shattered, and expensive, Iphone. *Shrugs* C’est la vie.


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