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25 Reasons Being Single Makes You A Better Person August 8, 2013

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Every single one of these. yes. I have done all of them.

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1. You get to make a list of all the things you want to do and move through them one by one without ever having to stop and ask another person if they are okay with doing it.

2. You get to experience the exquisite company that is taking a good book to a dinner out by yourself, getting so lost in the precious solitude that you begin to forget the world exists at all.

3. You start learning all the different kinds of quiet there can be, and how important they all are to the growth of the soul.

4. You can move to a whole new place and start completely fresh, giving yourself the ultimate challenge of learning how to develop and create a new safety net with no one else to depend on.

5. When people recoil at the idea of being alone for various events, you…

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