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I wanna be that guy… December 7, 2011

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Yep, sometimes I just wish I could drop out of college and be that guy/girl like mark zuckerberg in creating facebook. I mean seriously? he’s named the youngest millionaire in the world! who wouldn’t be jealous? and WHOOOO wouldn’t want to sue him for a bunch of money. If I were one of those twins I definitely would have sued.. I can’t say I blame them because I don’t. He basically DID steal their idea and that’s just shady. but hey, most business deals are shady in the world! it’s all about that shady business. being sneaky, and selfish.


week 10- scams, scams, scams oh my.

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So when we started reading and talking about scams in class, it actually brought back a lot of sad memories. Not saying that I’ve fallen into any of these, but I know people that have. It wasn’t as terrible as getting scammed out of a thousand dollars or something.. but it was the thought of deceit that almost fooled my own dad. See, the thing is, when we first got a computer in my household, it was a new thing for all of us! my siblings and my parents. My parents never had an education past high school, and english is their second language (as so is mine). So I remember when my dad got his first gmail and yahoo account, he was excited as a little kid would be when getting a new video game. He would tell me all these things about getting all these really cool deals online that people have “personally” sent him to his email. OK! this already sounds sketchy right? but to my poor dad it didn’t 😦  so I had to ask, I said, “dad what kind of deals are you talking about.” Wait a minute though, my dad wasn’t that stupid, he felt it was kind of sketchy too, but he didn’t know such a thing existed because he was so new to the internet world. I think he fell for it once, and it wasn’t as big of a deal, it was something small. I think he lost like $130 but that’s it. I mean, even then, that’s a lot of money! still, you live and learn and he definitely does not fall for that shit anymore. This was a long time ago… but anyway.

It’s ridiculous the amount of scammers out there interested in robbing people of their money! How much more heartless can a human being actually be? ok yeah.. there’s worse people out there like; murderers. And, now that I think of it there are lot of these in mexico. A LOT. I remember a certain incident where a group of “missionaries, serving God” came into my father’s ranch and came asking for money and supplies. I remember my dad pressing for questions, and these men frantically looking for legitimate answers. You could clearly tell they were getting nervous because my dad wasn’t falling for it. All the elderly women in the ranch were falling for it easily, and started giving them money for the church in the “nearest town.” The next day we all found out they were phony’s and my father and proud in saying that he didn’t fall for that crap. Good thing he didn’t give them anything.