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Yep, Technology is a scary thing. September 24, 2011

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To be perfectly honest, based on all our readings and podcasts, I have officially become terrified of the internet. Thinking about all the information that’s out there about me! The free websites where people can find information about you; home address, phone number, pictures, relatives etc. Is this legal?? Why is anyone letting this happen? I never realized how dangerous it can be registering my contact information on a website when I go “online shopping.” I use to think online shopping was a blessing in disguise! I was shopping online for almost everything when I first discovered it. I was never aware that some hacker or virus could hack right into my personal banking account on … let’s say ebay… and easily snag my credit card info! I really never though of it this way… I was only ever concerned with “faster and better.”

Let’s use facebook as an example as well. Everyone has become addicted to social networks ever since myspace! probably even before that. I can’t really recall where it got started, but it’s gotten us to this point. Anything you post on facebook, pictures, personal information is now property of facebook. They own your pictures, your information, because you are their costumer. So even if we have “completely” access to configuring our private settings on facebok, it’s useless. Anything you post online PERIOD, Is someone else’s to have already anyway. there is no such thing as online privacy!! none.


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