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”the web is dead. Long live the internet” September 24, 2011

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So I learned a lot of new things reading this article. How are the Web and the Internet not the same thing? does it not serve for the same purpose? you get on your computer, you go to a website and boom, there it is. Of course I’m not a wiz at technology, so it doesn’t really surprise me that they are two totally different things. there is so much behind technology that a lot of us do not know about. We just think about the basic stuff, as I just mentioned earlier; we think of getting on the computer, connecting, and getting to a website. Mission accomplished! whether it was the web or internet, the task was done. So then, what difference does it make?

however there was one part that kind of confused me. Apparently, when you use the apps on your mobile device, you are not using the web. Seriously, I thought I was! and that it was all the same thing. So yes, long live the internet? Honestly, I don’t really care. As long as it takes me where I need to go, faster. Now I’m staring to pick up on what every company competes for in commercials, “Faster and stronger.” yep, I’m getting sucked into this technology frenzy, but then again who isn’t now a days. If it makes our lives easier, then why not? I do believe the web, sooner or later will die out completely. Just like the Typewriter did…. R.i.p Typewriter. No one will ever need you. :/


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