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Blogging and the news September 24, 2011

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After reading these four blogs, I have become very upset. Since when has blogging become an official source of the media news? just like any news station, they will always be out to express their own opinion and try and manipulate those who are fence-sitters on a certain topic. Sure, we all have the liberty to express our opinion and we’re all entitled to this. However, to try and convince an online “audience” that your blog is “news” simply because it looks fancy with quotes, listed sources, charts, and references. NO, a blog is simply a highly expressed opinion and not the news itself. I have thought blogs to be a waste of time and an overtly used method of ranting about useless topics. I have seen people sit online and argue over blogs back and forth and I wonder … how and why. How on earth are people so obsessed with publicly being opinionated on the internet and starting a blog war. How does ANYONE have the time for that? it’s ridiculous ( in my opinion, Ha). Bloggers are NOT professional reporters and never will be. If you are, get off your blog site and get on the news. Opinions will always just be opinions and not the  news. Never will they be “original.”


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