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Blogging and the news September 24, 2011

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After reading these four blogs, I have become very upset. Since when has blogging become an official source of the media news? just like any news station, they will always be out to express their own opinion and try and manipulate those who are fence-sitters on a certain topic. Sure, we all have the liberty to express our opinion and we’re all entitled to this. However, to try and convince an online “audience” that your blog is “news” simply because it looks fancy with quotes, listed sources, charts, and references. NO, a blog is simply a highly expressed opinion and not the news itself. I have thought blogs to be a waste of time and an overtly used method of ranting about useless topics. I have seen people sit online and argue over blogs back and forth and I wonder … how and why. How on earth are people so obsessed with publicly being opinionated on the internet and starting a blog war. How does ANYONE have the time for that? it’s ridiculous ( in my opinion, Ha). Bloggers are NOT professional reporters and never will be. If you are, get off your blog site and get on the news. Opinions will always just be opinions and not the  news. Never will they be “original.”


Social Media; the new drug

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The Social media has become the new addiction. Whether everyone admits it or not, it really has become the new drug that stimulates people when they get off work, or school. Suddenly people are so concerned about useless statuses, relationship status, friendships, etc. Myspace/facebook have taken over how people communicate with one another and is slowly, but surely killing interpersonal communication among people. I’m not saying that everyone is this way, but I know that a lot of people are starting to get this way recently. The social media has become an unhealthy phenomenon amongst teenagers and young adults especially! What happened to studying? or reading a book? joining a sport? or a club?  as opposed to spending long hours in front of the computer, desperately trying to creep on other people seeing what they have been up to, looking for the latest gossip.. does this really make people happy? I once read and article about the rate of depression amongst young adult has drastically increased due to social media/facebook. within social media, people have the liberty of putting on a different face, and even a different. With a simple facebook or twitter update one can express happiness, or anger, whether it is a genuine feeling or not. One may never know if it is genuine or not.. however people who feel lonely, often sink into depression by seeing this “put on” happiness on other people’s profiles with pictures, status updates, comments etc. This is definitely getting out of control and it’s sad to say that I’m one who’s been thrown in the loop of this. I try to be careful with what I say or put on in social media. Things can get taken out of context very easily, and often times I try to be as vague as possible. But this it help that i’m still posting my life anyway? of course not. and yet, I still do it. somehow, it has become a stimulation for in informing my friends and family of happy moments, bad moments, good news, bad news, event announcements and more. When will it stop?


Yep, Technology is a scary thing.

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To be perfectly honest, based on all our readings and podcasts, I have officially become terrified of the internet. Thinking about all the information that’s out there about me! The free websites where people can find information about you; home address, phone number, pictures, relatives etc. Is this legal?? Why is anyone letting this happen? I never realized how dangerous it can be registering my contact information on a website when I go “online shopping.” I use to think online shopping was a blessing in disguise! I was shopping online for almost everything when I first discovered it. I was never aware that some hacker or virus could hack right into my personal banking account on … let’s say ebay… and easily snag my credit card info! I really never though of it this way… I was only ever concerned with “faster and better.”

Let’s use facebook as an example as well. Everyone has become addicted to social networks ever since myspace! probably even before that. I can’t really recall where it got started, but it’s gotten us to this point. Anything you post on facebook, pictures, personal information is now property of facebook. They own your pictures, your information, because you are their costumer. So even if we have “completely” access to configuring our private settings on facebok, it’s useless. Anything you post online PERIOD, Is someone else’s to have already anyway. there is no such thing as online privacy!! none.


”the web is dead. Long live the internet”

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So I learned a lot of new things reading this article. How are the Web and the Internet not the same thing? does it not serve for the same purpose? you get on your computer, you go to a website and boom, there it is. Of course I’m not a wiz at technology, so it doesn’t really surprise me that they are two totally different things. there is so much behind technology that a lot of us do not know about. We just think about the basic stuff, as I just mentioned earlier; we think of getting on the computer, connecting, and getting to a website. Mission accomplished! whether it was the web or internet, the task was done. So then, what difference does it make?

however there was one part that kind of confused me. Apparently, when you use the apps on your mobile device, you are not using the web. Seriously, I thought I was! and that it was all the same thing. So yes, long live the internet? Honestly, I don’t really care. As long as it takes me where I need to go, faster. Now I’m staring to pick up on what every company competes for in commercials, “Faster and stronger.” yep, I’m getting sucked into this technology frenzy, but then again who isn’t now a days. If it makes our lives easier, then why not? I do believe the web, sooner or later will die out completely. Just like the Typewriter did…. R.i.p Typewriter. No one will ever need you. :/